all i want this summer

all i want this summer

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thoughts on feminism from a friend

"Aside from the blatant exclusion of WOC, white feminism is so othering in so many different ways. Newsflash: not every girl’s parents sends her to school and pays for all those women’s studies classes!! so don’t get all huffy when other women don’t understand all of the feminist theories and big words you’re babbling about because let’s be real, feminism is reserved for the ~highly educated. What bugs me is that feminism is hardly about women uniting to overcome sexism, half the time it’s just a pissing contest where white girls are arguing about who’s doing it right. I have never felt welcomed by feminists because I’m not “educated” enough and because my culture isn’t “progressive” enough in regards to sexism. Like yes I believe in the basic principles of (American) feminism but I’d rather listen to feminist WOC speak about issues women face. It’s waaaaaay more relatable because their material doesn’t reek so much of privilege.”


very, very, very good points.


Short List of Male Celebrities that beat and/or rape women.

Short List of Male Celebrities that beat and/or rape women.

Charlie Sheen
Sean Connery
Gary Oldman
David Hasselhoff
Mel Gibson
Michael Fassbender
Nicholas Cage
Gary Busey
Bill Murray
Alec Baldwin
Phil Hartman
Tommy Lee
Josh Brolin
Sean Penn
Woody Allen
Roman Polanski
Axl Rose
Sonny Bono
John Lennon
Sean Bean
Elvis Presley
Kelsey Grammar
Rob Lowe
Chris Brown

Who Tumblr/Internet/Society cares about when they beat/rape women:

Chris Brown

on repeat all night long